Hordes of Locusts Attack Dagestan

Because of the Moroccan locust invasion of Dagestan, drivers have to go “by instruments”. On the video from the road in Tarumovsky district – whole clouds of gluttonous insects that reduce visibility on the road and, being crushed, make cars slide. The result is road accidents.

The locust, famous for its irrepressible appetite, causes great damage to the country’s agriculture. Insects have already destroyed a crop of 112,000 hectares. With pests struggling with the help of aviation, but farmers are advised to protect crops on their own, buying insecticides at their own expense. In 4 districts of Dagestan – Babayurtovsky, Kizlyar, Nogay and Tarumovsky – an emergency regime was declared.

Other regions of Russia that suffer from locusts are Kalmykia, Buryatia and the Crimea. In the last field of 1.2 thousand hectares occupied by the Asian migratory locust.

Locust usually travels in huge packs. Insects fly from one field to another, destroying all the edible on their way.

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