Hot July 2023: new water surface temperature record

Climate change is no longer a distant threat to humanity. They have become a reality that we experience every day. July 2023 is the month of a new record for water surface temperature. According to scientists, this year will be an absolute record-breaker in many ways.

New temperature record

The surface temperature of the Mediterranean Sea reached the highest mark for the entire period of measurements – 28.71 degrees Celsius. A new record was also recorded in the North Atlantic Ocean, where the average water surface temperature reached 24.90 degrees Celsius in July. This occurred abnormally early, usually the highest temperature in this part of the ocean occurs in early fall. The previous record of 24.89 degrees was recorded in September 2022.

Scientists emphasize that the temperature of the North Atlantic will continue to rise in August, and the new record of 24.90 degrees Celsius, set in July, will probably be broken.

Impact of climate change

Climate change caused by human activity is leading to global warming. Rising temperatures in the oceans and atmosphere are causing catastrophic consequences: more floods, droughts and other natural disasters.

Rising water surface temperatures of the oceans lead to the destruction of ecosystems. Many species of fish and other marine animals cannot survive in higher temperatures. This can have serious consequences for fisheries and food security.

What can be done?

To stop climate change, action needs to be taken at an international level. It is important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and switch to renewable energy sources. It is also important to preserve forests and other ecosystems that can absorb carbon dioxide.

As renowned scientist and climate change expert Michael Mann said, “We must act now to prevent even greater catastrophes in the future. We need to do everything we can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our planet.”

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