How global warming will change humanity

Climate migration will erase the differences between people in different regions of the world.

American scientists argue that droughts, rising sea levels and changes in rainfall will lead to more intensive migration around the globe. By 2050, the number of “climate migrants” will exceed 140 million people.

This situation will lead to the fact that the face of humanity will change completely. Not later than in 10 generations, people across the Earth will have a single phenotype. “Racism will be a thing of the past, because all people will become similar to each other,” says biologist Scott Solomon.

Another important change will affect immunity. Thanks to migration from tropical regions, the inhabitants of temperate latitudes will have to develop resistance to exotic diseases that migrants bring with them. According to forecasts, climate migration will enter the most active phase in 100-125 years.

Climate change will not bypass Russia. According to the report of the Ministry of Nature of the Russian Federation, the climate in the country is changing much faster than in other regions of the world. To change the appearance of the average Russian, this has not yet led, but has already caused an increase in the number of infectious diseases in the central and southern regions of Russia.

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