Huge cracks in the ground split Antika in the Philippines

Several huge cracks are ripping the ground near Valderrama, Antika in the Philippines since June 10, 2021. About 200 residents have been evacuated to Barangay Igmasandig, Valderrama, Antica, as cracks in the ground in the area continue to widen.

This region of Antica is located in the Sundaland region, opposite the Negros Trench, a subduction zone that runs beneath the Philippine Fault. The movement of the Sunda Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate across these troughs will affect all coastal areas of the Philippines.

The Antic Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) received reports of the cracks on June 10. On Friday, the cracks were estimated at 250 meters and growing.

The cracks destroyed 8 houses and partially damaged another 9, as well as the administration building and the chapel in Igmasandiga.

Against this background, there were fears that a major earthquake might occur in the area. Are these cracks related to the movement of the subduction zone and are they caused by the pressure building up in the fault zone?

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