Hundreds of birds suddenly fell from the sky in a cemetery in Bali, Indonesia

In September, footage of hundreds of sparrows falling from the sky and dying in the Gianyar regency on the island of Bali was published, with authorities initially taken aback by the whole situation.

The incident took place in a cemetery and was recorded by a local resident who was extremely puzzled by the sight of hundreds of dead (or nearly dead) birds on the ground.

According to reports from the area, the mass bird deaths occurred immediately after a period of rain and high winds, and some social portals even suggested that weather conditions were the cause of the phenomenon.

At first, area authorities tried to explain the mass deaths by the prevalence of acid in the rain.

“If we talk about the condition and natural phenomena, we can say that there was a lot of acid during the rain,” said a Bali Natural Resource Conservation Center (BKSDA) spokesperson. “It is quite possible that this caused the birds to fall from the sky.”

However, after authorities went to the site, it was determined that pesticide use in a nearby village was the cause of the birds’ deaths, causing the birds to be severely poisoned.

“We suspect that residents of a nearby village used unnatural pesticides, which poisoned the birds,” the head of the BKSDA later said.

He said the birds were probably looking for food in large groups — perhaps thousands — in the surrounding area, and began feeding on newly grown rice crops that had been sprayed with pesticides. This may have caused the gradual poisoning of many birds.

“This is our current assumption, and we have asked our partners in the field to educate the public about the use of pesticides, so that other wildlife in the neighborhood-not just birds, but other animals as well,” he added.

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