Hurricane Harvey continues to torment the United States

The number of victims of the hurricane “Harvey” that hit Texas has increased to 10 people. According to the publication, in Houston at the moment has dropped more than 760 mm of precipitation. More than 8 thousand inhabitants of the city are in shelters.

In Louisiana, due to the approaching storm “Harvey” introduced an emergency situation. On this decision, US President Donald Trump said Monday.

Hurricane, which killed at least five people, is currently raging in neighboring Texas. Many coastal towns have already suffered from it.

In the paralyzed Houston, where nearly 750 millimeters of precipitation fell, the authorities are preparing for the evacuation of more than 30,000 residents.

Forecasters predict a peak of floods on Wednesday and Thursday.
“We expect that over 450,000 people affected by the disaster will turn to for help. This is a huge figure. But we are ready for the process of rendering assistance. Over the past 24 hours, emergency services recorded nearly 15,000 complaints, “Brook Long, head of the Federal Agency for Emergency Management (FEMA), told a news conference.

According to experts, the elimination of the consequences of the storm will take years and tens of billions of dollars from the country’s budget.

The US authorities expect that temporary shelter will be provided to more than 30,000 people affected by the tropical storm “Harvey” in the US state of Texas, said a representative of the Federal Agency for Crisis Management (FEMA) Brock Long.

“We expect that more than 30,000 people will be temporarily placed in shelters to stabilize the situation and provide them with assistance,” he said. According to him, the dangerous situation in connection with the storm persists. Victims of the storm can be counted from 30 to 50 counties in Texas. The authorities expect that more than 450,000 people will be drawn to the authorities for assistance, he added.

Two large oil storage facilities in the state of Texas were damaged during the storm that struck the state of Harvey.

The leak occurred from an oil storage facility with a capacity of 150 thousand barrels, owned by Kinder Morgan. Thanks to the protective dam, the spread of the oil stain was stopped, and its surface was covered with a special foam to prevent a fire.

The oil storage of the Karbuhn Oil Company, damaged as a result of the storm, also caused a leak. Volumes of leaked oil have not yet been reported.

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