Hurricane Harvey threw live alligators on Texas roads

Reptiles are looking for a place to wait out the elements, and the authorities warn that it is better not to touch them, they will eventually leave.

Texas residents are warned about alligators that appear on state roads because of showers caused by hurricane Harvey. In particular, the BBC, referring to the sheriff of Fort Bend County, reports that reptiles can be approached closely to the dwellings due to the rising water level.

The authorities cautiously note that animals are not aggressive. Nevertheless, it is not worthwhile to touch and try to drive them away. Just alligators are looking for a place and an opportunity to wait out the elements, and when the water shims, they will leave the people themselves.

Meanwhile, it is reported that about 4,5 thousand prisoners have been evacuated from the three prisons of the state. This is due to the threat of spillage, because due to bad weather the water level in the local river Brazos is rising.

The Texas authorities warned residents that the region had entered a period of prolonged downpours caused by Harvey. At the same time, the US National Hurricane Tracking Center reduced the category of hurricane “Harvey” from a four-point mark to the first level.

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