Hurricane Irma reached the island of Barbuda

The epicenter of Category 5 hurricane Irma reached the islands of Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda). The wind speed in the epicenter reaches 297 km / h (82 m / s), with gusts up to 362 km / h (100 m / s). Barbuda is the first island on the path of the most powerful tropical cyclone, within the next few hours Irma will reach the islands of Anguilla (the overseas territory of Great Britain). Hurricane Category 5 in the Atlantic Ocean is observed for the first time since 2007.

Barbuda is an island in the Caribbean Sea, in the group of the Lesser Antilles. It is one of the islands of the state of Antigua and Barbuda. The bulk of the population lives in the city of Codrington. The population is 1638 people.

Barbuda is located 40 km north of Antigua. Most of the island is forest-occupied, the fauna and flora here are better preserved than in Antigua.

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