Hurricane “Irma” weakened to a tropical storm

The tropical hurricane Irma was on the most unfavorable path – through the Caribbean islands with a further turn to Florida. In the process of moving along the large island of Cuba, he weakened to the third category on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

But then, turning sharply to the north, passed over the very warm waters of the Florida Strait (up to 31 ° C), where it again increased to the 4th category of danger.

On September 10 at 3:38 am Eastern time, the eye of Irma again became clear. Analysis of the structure of the intense tropical cyclone showed the presence of very strong convective storms.

The subsequent displacement along the western coast of Florida adversely affected the intensity of the vortex. The force of friction on the continent and the reduction in the area of ​​evaporation weakened the “Irma” to the 1st category of the tropical hurricane.

On Monday morning, September 11, the maximum wind weakened to 110 km / h. Thus, the hurricane Irma degenerated to a tropical storm. As expected, he will continue to move to the northwest inland

North American continent. The path of the losing force of the tropical cyclone will pass through the states of Georgia and Alabama. On Tuesday afternoon it will become a tropical depression.

A distinctive feature of the “Irma” is a very wide field of wind. Hurricane winds spread 95 km from the center, mainly in the western sector, storm winds cover a radius of 665 km.

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