Hurricane “Knud” has de-energized more than 30 thousand houses in the south of Norway

In Norway, more than 30,000 homes were left without electricity because of the disaster. Hurricane Knud, which was given a “red” level of danger, struck the Agder region in the south of the country on Friday evening. Local residents turned out to be de-energized because of trees planted on power lines.

As reported by TASS, referring to the information of the Norwegian Telegraph Bureau, earlier the number of disconnected houses exceeded 50 thousand. In the restoration of electricity supply, all available teams of specialists are involved.

In addition, because of the fallen trees, it is now impossible to travel on two motorways in the south of Norway – Sørlandnsbahnen and Ostfoldbanen.

On Saturday, the blow of the hurricane Knud is expected in Finland. The local Meteorological Institute predicts wind up to 20 m / s in the south and west of the country, therefore, changes in the timetable for departures from Finland ferries.

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