Ice age or global warming?

Exactly 35 years ago, in August 1981, scientists have informed humanity about the threat of global warming on Earth. Its anomalous effects are noticeable. And effective solution to the problem yet. In addition, in recent years, I’ve accumulated new information about the causes of this dangerous phenomenon and there were the apocalyptic scenarios of development of events.

Today every schoolboy knows about greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect. But it turns out that rising CO2 concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere is not the sole culprit of global warming.

“When 35 years ago it was announced global warming, the main cause of this phenomenon was considered to be greenhouse gases, said in an interview with Paul Suhonen, ecologist, member of the Expert Council of the Committee of natural resources, nature management and ecology of the State Duma. But at that time were not taken into account three factors: electromagnetic smog, environmental pollution of water surfaces and lines”.

This three headed Hydra that heats up the planet no worse of greenhouse gases. The mechanics of the process explained in an interview with Paul Suhonen.

We all remember from physics classical experience — the rotation of the frame in a magnetic field. If the frame to submit the additional electromotive force, it will begin to spin faster. “The earth as a frame rotating in the magnetic field of other planets. And electromagnetic smog generated by the entire energy system of the planet, is an additional electromotive force. The idea is that the Earth needs to spin faster, but due to its huge mass, this rotation does not occur — the result is heating,” said Paul Suhonen.

Water, like forests, are the lungs of the planet. And pollution of water surfaces is fraught with environmental problems. As you know, in the Pacific ocean there are two enormous sea of garbage area. And, according to Paul Suhonina, this part of the ocean already does not produce oxygen, but rather absorbs it from the atmosphere, thereby increasing the amount of carbon dioxide.

Their contribution to the Treasury of global warming also make the lines. As an example, you can take the famous lines from the Volga hydroelectric power station to Moscow, with a length of 1.5 thousand kilometers and a voltage of 500 kilovolts. It forms a powerful electrostatic field. “Between the ionosphere and the transmission gets up ion the shield, through which can not break through the damp air,” said Paul Suhonen. This leads to the fact that coming from Europe wet air can not penetrate the shield and do not fall in the Pamirs in the form of precipitation. The result is shallow Amu-Darya, Syr-Darya and the Aral sea.

The antidote to the negative impact of power lines found in Japan. There at the time because of the huge number of transmission lines emerged phenomenon, which is a joke in the scientific world called “Japanese electromagnetic anomaly” — how serious was climate change. But 20 years ago the Japanese at the state level have solved all of the lines transferred to the cables. And the climate recovered. “After that Japan again began to work the folk weather signs,” concluded Pavel Shanin.

Recent reports forecasts resemble the reports from the front — enough to recall the recent Moscow tropical downpour. If you look at the recent history of the global weather reports, the picture is altogether apocalyptic.

Abnormal heat in Russia in 2010, with large-scale fires and smoky smog in the capital and its surroundings. Abnormal frosts in Europe and Russia in 2012 and in the US in 2014. Abnormal snowfall of 2013 in the US and 2014 in Japan. Unprecedented snow in Israel and Palestine, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Grad of a pigeon’s egg in the Netherlands last month. The flood of 2013 in Europe and the far East, more like the biblical flood. And no less devastating floods in Brazil and Peru, in China and the United States. This black list could go on and on.

What surprises to expect from the weather in the future? “In the next twenty years will be to blur the line between winter and summer, — said Pavel Shanin. — We are waiting for the so-called vesen’. And will continue increasing contrast between dry and wet areas.

Ice melting and a catastrophic increase in Global sea level. Some experts promise a complete disappearance of Arctic ice for years 2030-2050. As a result, under the water can leave the U.S. Atlantic coast, and coastal areas of Uruguay and Paraguay, the Netherlands and Denmark. From the world map will disappear London, Venice, Alexandria, and Cairo. Now on the verge of extinction is the Peruvian city Huaraz — it is threatened by a flood from a melting glacier.

Along with the onset of the big water will come devastating tornadoes, wildfires, extreme cold and drought. Will start the northward migration of tropical insects that will bring in exotic diseases. Due to the change of the usual environment can disappear for up to 30% of plant and animal species.

But that’s not the worst.

It should be noted that the prophesied catastrophe is just model of the situation. And they are all approximate. Including the apocalyptic — like destruction of biological life on the planet. The cause of death of all living things will become methane.

“In the water dissolved huge amounts of methane, — said Pavel Shanin. Over the last 10 years, the temperature of the oceans has increased by 1.5 degrees. When the water is cold, dissolved methane is associated, by heating the methane from the water coming out. So, the ice in the Spitsbergen area, for heating water methane accumulates, it finds any cracks, breaks out through them, on the road of intense heat, methane is ignited and from the ice beat the fire methane torches 80-100 feet tall. Norwegian scientists have captured these methane geysers. So, the apocalyptic scenario is when at a certain level of water heating emissions of methane will take the nature of a chain reaction, then the atmosphere will become methane, and all biological life will die.”

Of course, the flood you can’t hide. But global natural disasters is possible and to wait, if you know where to look. What are the areas least prone to natural disasters? The combination of the factors researchers prefer Australia, Scandinavia, the Balkans and of our upland.

In the high-risk zone, according to Paul Suhonina, USA and Japan, followed by the far East and Europe.

Some researchers afraid humanity is not global warming but global cooling. However, there is a silver lining.

“There are statistics that every 600 years there is a decrease in the astrophysical factors of solar activity,” said Pavel Shanin. And now the Sun is going to decrease activity, and in 15-20 years we are waiting for the little ice age. And it will be our salvation from global warming.”

And while the ice age did not come to our aid, for the fight against global warming come from the powers that be. This year was signed the Paris agreement, under which countries agreed not to raise the average temperature of the planet by more than 1.5 degrees. However, all of the Paris agreement as before and the Kyoto Protocol, are Advisory in nature.

However, it is not so simple. “When in 2020 will enter into force on the Paris agreement against a business that is not conducting an active environmental policy, such companies can apply border measures regulation,” — said in an interview with RT, the head of the working group on climate policy of the European business Association Anton Galenovich. This will force businesses to think seriously.

By the way, I must pay tribute to the acumen of entrepreneurs. They were among the first to publicize the findings of scientists, have sounded the alarm about global warming. “From the business community, the first to the threat of climate change drew the attention of the big reinsurance companies, — said Anton Galenovich. They saw it on the statistics and data of its insurance benefits — had a lot more to pay for the damage caused by climate change.”

It is hoped that if not reason, then at least dry calculation will force humanity to think seriously about the threat of global warming and to take all necessary security measures.

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