In Alaska, an earthquake of magnitude 7.9

In Alaska, an earthquake with magnitude 7.9 occurred. The tsunami threat is declared. The epicenter lay at a depth of 25 kilometers and after this tremor followed a series of aftershocks with magnitude 4.6, 4.7, 5.0, 4.6, 4.5 on the Richter scale.

Initially, the magnitude of the main earthquake was declared 8.2, but later reduced to 7.9.

Chiniak, Alaska
262.1 km (162.9 mi) SEPopulation: 47
Anchorage, Alaska
578.1 km (359.2 mi) SPopulation: 291.826
Eagle River, Alaska
588.3 km (365.5 mi) SPopulation: 24,793
Knik-Fairview, Alaska
609.6 km (378.8 mi) SPopulation: 14,923
Juneau, Alaska
919.1 km (571.1 mi) WSWPopulation: 31,275

A tsunami threat has been declared for Alaska, as well as for the central coast of the Canadian province of British Columbia and the north-eastern part of the island of Vancouver.

After four hours, the tsunami will be able to reach the Hawaiian Islands and possibly the shores of New Zealand.

One of the buoys transmitted data from the epicenter of the main earthquake and showed a wave height of up to 10 meters.

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