In Alaska erupting volcano Theologian

Large explosive event was recorded on 21 December on satellite images in the area of uninhabited Islands in the Aleutian archipelago. The cause was the volcano Theologian, emissions into the atmosphere ash column height of about 10.3 km away.

In connection with the eruption of the Volcanic Observatory Alaska raised the level of aviation alert top to “red”, however, after ash column quickly dissipated to the South, the status of the risk was lowered to “orange”. At the moment in the area of the theologian remains “orange” code, since experts can’t determine over whether its eruptive activity or explosion is a precursor to a larger eruption. The problem is that the volcano is located on a remote island and is not equipped with instruments for observation.

The Evangelist refers to the stratovolcanoes and is a small cone with a height of 150 meters, with the larger underwater part with a height of 5000 meters. His last activity dates back to 1992, and in just the past two centuries the giant has made 11 eruptions.

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