In Antalya recorded an absolute temperature record

Anomalous heat is observed in the south of Turkey, in the tourist capital of the country Antalya on Saturday recorded a record temperature of 45.4 degrees, reports Anadolu.

In the history of the Center for Regional Forecasting and Warning of Antalya, this is an absolute record. The last time here the columns of the thermometer rose above 45 degrees in 1929.

The temperature record of the last decades in Antalya until yesterday was the temperature of 45 degrees, which was recorded on July 12, 2000.

Weather forecasters say that the temperature in the south of Turkey is now 10-12 degrees above the average. According to the weather forecasts, the maximum air temperature in Antalya on Sunday will be 43 degrees, and from Monday will drop to 35-37 degrees.

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