In Antarctica discovered a huge crack

British geophysicists have recorded a sharp growth of cracks in the ice shelf Larsen C in Antarctica. From March to August 2016, with its length increased by 22 kilometers. This publication reports Mashable.

For 2016, the crack grew faster than the same periods of past observations. Further distribution of deformations will lead to the breakaway of ten percent of the largest section of the glacier.

In this case, the water hits a huge iceberg with an area of about six thousand square kilometers — an area comparable with Scotland. The exact date of this event, scientists have refused to predict. The reason for the degradation of the shelf is global warming.

Larsen is the most northerly of the remaining major glaciers of Antarctica. Observe his destruction conducted by several scientists. In particular, the MIDAS team monitors the shelf since 2011. In 2002 destroyed part of the glacier Larsen B, is comparable in size to the U.S. long island.

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