In Argentina has burned out more than one million hectares of steppes

More than one million hectares of steppes were damaged or destroyed by the fires raging in the Argentina provinces of La Pampas, Rio-Negro and Buenos Aires since December. The minister of the environment and sustainable development of the republic Sergio Bergman reported about it.

“It is about more than 1 million hectares. Now it is worth preventing a task losses, not only material, but also human. We monitor a situation in the province Buenos Aires and we are going to meet local authorities and mayors”, – the minister on air of radio “Rivadaviya” told.

To the present the moment of information on victims or the dead as a result of the fires isn’t present. At the same time fire destroyed thousands of hectares of crops and pastures. Besides, the fires led to mass death of the cattle. On estimates of producers of agricultural products, their loss already exceeded 240 million peso ($15 million).

As note local authorities, firefighters managed to take a considerable part of the centers of ignition under control, however the situation is complicated by strong wind and dry weather.

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