In Argentina introduced a regime of emergency due to flooding

In Argentina introduced a regime of emergency because of floods. One person was killed, hundreds of homes destroyed by severe floods in Argentine province Buenos Aires. The President has declared the affected areas a state of emergency.

“We have mobilized the Committee for emergency situations, including the army, security forces and charges that they worked together with the police and authorities. We continue to pay for climate change”.

Heavy rains do not stop in Argentina for a few weeks. In some regions over the month, had the annual rainfall.

Most affected North of the province of Buenos Aires, Central and southern regions of the province of Santa Fe and Southeast Cordoba. In La Emilia home was flooded by more than two meters.

The current flooding severe blow to agriculture. The damage to industry estimated at least $ 800 million. Argentina is the main exporter of soy oil and flour. About one million hectares of fields currently under water.

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