In Bashkortostan, the cases of failures of soil

In Ufa the ground again, out from under the feet. Crater with a diameter more than five meters today was formed directly on the roadway, and again in Ufa Chernikovka. City officials said that this planned repair work, not a sinkhole.

Today in weather forecasts was listed ice, and there was a real underground flood. And as a consequence part of the roadway disappeared under the ground . The funnel was formed in Ufa on the street may day, likely night. This morning on the site of emergency has already worked with heavy equipment, locals say.

No casualties were reported. Primarily because utilities were ready to collapse in advance and put up fencing.

The utility said that knew about an emergency. This place was discovered a water leak and the repair service was waiting for a warrant to start digging. While waiting for the earth itself.

Also, the Ufa administration urge citizens not to link the failure to the may day with what happened last week in the same Chernikovka. In the first case, the causes of emergency man – made, but the disappearance under the earth machine – the phenomenon natural. Surveyors are not even surprised in such a situation. The city was historically built on karst voids.

In today’s case, the utilities are not on time worked. The main traffic artery of Chernikovka is now partially blocked.

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