In California, observed the “cloud of the Apocalypse”

Last week, a rare weather system frightened the holidaymakers on one of the coasts of California. A giant cloud invaded the beach of Natural Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz, turning the picturesque corner into a scene from the apocalypse.

The cloud swiftly approached from the ocean and in a moment covered the shore, bringing with it a strong wind. “Umbrellas flew interspersed with sand, and people hurried off the beach. But after only a few minutes the cloudy mist passed, the sky cleared and the sun came out, “one of the eyewitnesses wrote in a commentary on the video.

According to Meteorology Glossary, a system called a storm collar or roll cloud is a low-level horizontal arc cloud of a tubular shape (arcus cloud). Rolling clouds are completely separated from their cold front or storm parent system, so they are so unusual, they can suddenly appear and also disappear quickly.

Early in the morning in the dry season on the southern coast of the Australian Gulf of Carpentaria you can see a favorite of enthusiastic enthusiasts – a roll of clouds called “Morning Glory” (Morning Glory).

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