In California, released 20 million infected mosquitoes

Plan of the company “Alphabet” to release 20 million mosquitoes in the city of Fresno in the US state of California. The large-scale release of mosquitoes suggests a reduction in their population. All 20 million bloodsuckers are males, and they are infected with a bacterium that prevents females from laying off live eggs.

But does not the increase in the mosquito population mean more bites? No. Only females bite. And they do this not because they are hungry, but because blood is needed for the laying down and development of eggs.

Komarov will be released at a rate of 1 million per week for 20 weeks. The experiment will be conducted in two blocks of Fresno with an area of ​​120 hectares each. If the idea proves successful, it can be implemented on a larger scale to combat the ever-growing mosquito population.

Mosquitoes are known to carry viruses, for example, the West Nile virus and Zeka virus.

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