In Canada awakens the volcano Mijer

During the study, the canadian volcano, Mijer in September, the Department of natural resources Canada found on the slopes of the active fumarole field. According to the report, volcanologists, on one of the glaciers peaks found vents emitting steam and hot gases. Their depth is 15 to 20 meters and a diameter of 20-30 meters.

Located North of Pemberton, British Columbia, Midgar is the place where occurred the last explosive eruption in Canada. About 2350 years ago, the giant made a large explosion, throwing ash to a height of over 20 km. Since that time he has been in a state of rest, but is considered potentially active.


According to volcanologists, in addition to the fumaroles, during the summer of the current year in the valley at the foot of Migera, there was a strong smell of sulphur. Earlier, in the period from January 2011 to February 2016, in the heart of the giant recorded many small earthquakes, magnitude of which does not exceed 2.0.

According to the volcanologist Melanie Kelman, at the moment of seismic and volcanic activity of Migera is at low levels, so in the near future the population should not fear the eruption. However, due to the instability of glaciers on its slopes many settlements in the area are at risk of vanishing landslides and debris flows, which can occur at any time and without notice.

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