In Canada, found a pipe from which the ocean flows blood

In the Discovery Passage Passage in Canada, salmon is found, and even here there is a pipe from which blood flows into the ocean. Fortunately, not human, but fish – the waste of a nearby canning factory.

The pipe was discovered by a diver and photographer Tavish Campbell (Tavish Campbell). In the bay he dived to find the source of pollution. According to Campbell, he spent his entire life in places where the fish industry destroys the ecosystem and kills animals. But the flow of red blood, sparkling scales, he did not expect to see.

The diver took several samples directly from the pipe and sent them for analysis to the eco-activist and researcher Alexandra Morton, who delivered the samples to the veterinary college on Prince Edward Island.

The analysis showed that in the waste that the factory discharges into the ocean, there are living intestinal parasites of fish, as well as the Piscine Reovirus virus, which causes inflammation of the heart and skeletal muscles in salmonids.

For humans, it is harmless, but salmon kills massively – almost 20% of fish die due to infection with this virus.

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