In France, 8 people were hit by a lightning strike

In one of the tented camps in Vienne in the south-east of France, eight teenagers were injured as a result of a lightning strike.

It is noted that the lightning struck an electric shield with sockets installed in the campsite. As a result of the incident, seven people were slightly injured. A teenager of fifteen, who had a cardiac arrest, was hospitalized. Physicians assess his condition as extremely difficult.

A group of sixteen schoolchildren between the ages of 13 and 16 arrived in Vienne from the city of Descartes (department of Indre and Loire) on Monday morning. The teenagers had to spend a week in the tent camp. Their parents are already informed about this incident, they should arrive on the spot in the near future.

The Meteo-France National Weather Service reported yesterday that because of the rain and thunderstorms, it had declared an orange danger level in thirteen French departments.

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