In India, a catastrophic water shortage

India has faced the worst ever water crisis, which annually takes the lives of about 200,000 citizens of the country, the report of the National Institute of Transformation of India (NITI) said on Friday.

According to the authors of the report, to date, about half of the country’s population (about 600 million out of 1.3 billion) face a water shortage, and by 2030 the demand for it will double twice that available in the country’s water resources.

“The acute shortage of water for hundreds of millions of Indians can lead to a 6% drop in the country’s GDP,” the study notes.

The report indicates that the 21 largest metropolis of India will exhaust its groundwater resources by 2020, which will affect the lives of about 100 million people. Referring to the data of independent agencies, the authors of the report also write that 70% of Indian water resources are contaminated, which puts its water quality index at 120th out of 122.

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