In Japan, erupts the volcano Sakurajima

Yesterday, on March 26, a powerful explosion occurred in the volcano of Sakurajima, as a result of which a huge cloud of red-hot ash was thrown out.

Sakurajima is an active stratovolcano located on the Osumi peninsula [en] of Kyushu island in the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima. Until 1914 Sakurajima was a separate island, but as a result of the eruption it was connected by lava flows with the Osumi Peninsula. The height of the volcano is 1117 meters, and the area is about 77 kmĀ². Sakuradzim has three peaks: the northern peak of Kitadake (1117 m), the central Nakadake (1060 m) and southern Minamidake (1040 m).

In the historical period, Sakuradzim erupted in 708, 764, 1471, 1779, 1914 and 1946; since 1955 the volcano erupts almost constantly. In 1914, a major eruption occurred; earthquakes in front of him led to the death of at least 35 people, in all, there were 58 victims.

From October 1955 to August 2016, the Syow crater erupted on the eastern slope of the Minamidake peak. In March 2017, a new period of volcano activity began (and, as of March 2018), a crater erupted on the summit of the Minamidake Peak. In 2010, the volcano was very active – for example, in one alone in 2013, there were 1,097 small eruptions, and in 2014 – 471 eruptions.

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