In Japan intensified volcano Sakurajima

The Japanese Sakurajima volcano has become more active again during the last night. A series of small explosions and associated ash emissions occurred on the old summit crater Minamitane.

Perhaps one of the most active volcanoes of Japan returns to its previously so typical intermittent operation with frequent powerful explosions of volcanic type (on average one eruption every few days to a few of the “riot” in the day).

Active volcano Sakurajima is located near the port city of Kagoshima on the island of Kyushu, 50 miles from the NPP “Sendai”. For rampaging giant continue to watch volcanologists. Note, in 1914, the mountain burst into a powerful fountains of lava that buried the surrounding villages and annexed the island to the nearby Osumi Peninsula. In 2013, Sakurajima resumed volcanic activity.

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