In Japan intensified volcano Sakurajima

A new eruption of the Sakurajima volcano occurred in Kagoshima Prefecture in the South-East of the Japanese island of Kyushu. A powerful column of ash as a result of violence of the volcano rose to a height of about 5 km.

Reports of casualties or damage due to the turbulent eruptions of the mountain were reported. In the area of the volcano continues to operate the third level of danger (on a scale).

Active volcano Sakurajima is located near the port city of Kagoshima on the island of Kyushu, 50 miles from the NPP “Sendai”. For rampaging giant continue to watch volcanologists. Note, in 1914, the mountain burst into a powerful fountains of lava that buried the surrounding villages and annexed the island to the nearby Osumi Peninsula. In 2013, Sakurajima resumed volcanic activity.

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