In Japan, there was an earthquake of magnitude 4.7

An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 occurred on Sunday in the area of ​​the Japanese prefecture of Gunma, located in the center of Honshu Island, the authorities said. The earthquake focus was at a depth of 20 km below the surface of the earth, the meteorological office of Japan noted.

According to him, there is no tsunami threat.

According to the NHK television channel, there has been no data on victims and damage yet. The supply of electricity in the area of ​​the earthquake is stable.

Japan’s nuclear facilities have not suffered as a result of the earthquake, the television channel said, citing official sources.

In connection with the earthquake in the office of the Prime Minister of Japan, a crisis headquarters has been established.

Initially, there was information about the earthquake of magnitude 7.0, which, fortunately, was not confirmed.

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