In Kamchatka volcano Shiveluch threw a powerful column of ash

Ash volcano recorded ash release. The height of the ash release was up to 10,000 meters. The height of the volcano is 3283 meters.

Taking into account the direction of the wind, the ash plume spread 360 km to the south from the volcano towards the Kronotsky Bay. In the village of Klyuchi, which is located at a distance of 51 kilometers from the giant, recorded a slight fall of ash to 1 millimeter.

Infringements on objects of housing and communal services and power of the settlement, road traffic did not occur. There is no threat to life and health of the population. In the case of increasing ashfall in the village there are a sufficient number of respirators and gauze bandages. If necessary, they will be issued to the residents of the village.

According to the conducted information interaction with the operational duty of uniform duty and dispatch services, dispatchers of fire and rescue units, ash deposition in other settlements of Ust-Kamchatsky district was not fixed.

International routes of aircraft traffic in the area of ​​the volcano do not pass. There are no tourist groups in the volcano area.

The volcano is assigned an “orange” aviation hazard code.

In addition, the Main Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Kamchatka Territory recommends:

– If you breathe in the ash and get it into the lungs, allergic reactions are possible, so when ash falls, you need to close doors and windows, try not to go out without the need.

– If the ashes penetrate the dwelling, family members should wear respirators or gauze dressings or breathe through a towel;

– Cover the computer, stereo system and other equipment with a plastic film or a dense cloth and do not use during the fall;

– if you worked during the asphalt on the street, do not bring clothes into the house;

– after ash falls, wear a respirator and glasses before cleaning the house of ash; Clean the roof, gutters and other places of the house where ash could accumulate; To update the stock of the necessary, which should be in your case in the event of a fall.

The volcano is assigned an orange code of aviation danger. International routes of aircraft traffic in the area of ​​Shiveluch volcano do not pass. Heads of local aviation companies are warned about the possible danger and the need to change the route.

All travel companies are also notified of the danger that can lie in wait for tourists in the case of hikes on the Shiveluch volcano. They are strongly advised not to drive tourist groups on routes that run close to it.

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