In nature there are only 500 thousand wild elephants

A serious threat of extinction looms over the largest land mammal: the African elephant. According to scientists, if in 1970-e years in the African Savannah roamed 1.3 million elephants, but now their total number has decreased to 500 thousand.

The main damage was caused by massive poaching in the 1980-ies. Since then, the situation improved, however, in recent years poachers again. Scientists and environmentalists note that in 2011-2013 there have been a high number of cases of illegal killing of elephants.

Poachers primarily attracted to elephant tusks, which is a valuable source of material – ivory. However, many elephants were killed just from the hands of hunters, for whom this activity is just a hobby. Elephants are dying not only from poachers, but also in connection with the change of habitat.

Part of it is allowed to calculate the special electronic chips which scientists are “equipped with” elephants in 1998 in the North of Kenya. Elephants are dying, coming, for example, in the area of active mining, protected by army troops. The disappearance of elephants concern for many African countries.

So, the government of Kenya is going to discuss this issue at the 17th meeting of countries under the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora under threat of extinction, which 2 days ago was opened in Johannesburg (till 5 October). Kenya wants to propose a complete ban on the sale of ivory.

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