In New Zealand predict a new powerful earthquake

After the earthquake произошедшего14 November in New Zealand, scientists said seismic activity in these areas much more difficult, than was considered earlier and reported a high probability of recurrence strong underground cataclysm in the near future.

Earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale claimed the lives of two people, injured many others and destroyed hundreds of buildings and many roads leading to remote areas of the country. The country is shaken by thousands of earthquakes, the magnitude of which is up to 5 points and above.

On the strength of an earthquake is the fact that the Large hadron Collider, located in Switzerland, more than 18000 kilometers of the earthquake epicenter, registered a fluctuation of the complex in 0.1 mm.

According to calculations of scientists with a 12% probability within the next 30 days in New Zealand there is a new powerful earthquake of a magnitude not lower than 7 points, and possibly higher.

Scientists say that in the case of a new earthquake of magnitude 7 points, this will result in even greater the magnitude of the earthquake. An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred on previously unknown fault near the junction of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates. The boundary between the two plates extends from the East coast of the North island and along the East coast of the South island of New Zealand.

Scientists said that New Zealand should be revised hazard maps for earthquakes, so the people and rescue services were prepared to face new disasters.

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