In Peru, more active volcano Sabancaya

A new explosion rocked the Peruvian volcano Sabancaya, throwing a column of ash to a height of about 4 km above the crater. Particles of ash fell in a radius of 40 kilometers around the giant.

The explosion occurred at 8:15 local time, the wind took the ash cloud to the South-East from the volcano towards the province Caylloma in the southern region of Arequipa.

Experts have warned local residents that the ash from the volcano can cause environmental problems and affect the health. The experts recommended that people use sunglasses for eye protection and masks for respiratory protection. Meanwhile, local authorities estimate the impact of the ash in water, soil and air.

Sabancaya, whose crater is situated at the height of 5,976 meters above sea level, began on 6 November, a new eruptive process after 18 years of inactivity.

In Peru for the first time in the history of the country two volcano erupt at the same time — Sabancaya and Ubinas. The coincidence of two events that are not related to each other because these volcanoes are located at a distance of about 100 kilometres in a straight line from each other and do not share the magmatic chamber.

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