In Peru the explosive volcanic eruption Sabankaya continues

In Peru the explosive volcanic eruption Sabankaya continues. As specialists of the Peruvian institute INGEMMET consider, the probability that in the next few days activity of the giant will significantly increase is high.

At the moment on Sabankaya the volcanic explosions and emissions of ashes extending to distance about 40 km to the South and the southwest from a crater are observed. Seismic activity is characterized by continuous trembling and shallow earthquakes.

Eruptivny columns rise by height to 4200 meters over a crater. The most noticeable signs of strength are noted on a southeast volcano’s slope. According to volcanists, emissions of dioxide of sulfur make about 7010 tons per day that testifies to the close arrangement of magma to a surface.

Specialists of INGEMMET recommend to inhabitants of the next settlements to monitor updating of information and not to approach Sabankaya closer, than on 10 km. The strong losses of ashes and pollution of sources with potable water therefore local authorities are offered to arrange on protection of water resources are not excluded.

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