In Portugal, a fiery tornado was observed

In Portugal, during the fight against forest fires, it was possible to shoot a rare natural phenomenon on video, known as the “Devil’s Lights” (fiery whirlwind). It occurs when burning dust rises upward under the influence of wind.

At the moment about 1,3 thousand employees of the fire service of Portugal are engaged in fighting six fires of forest fires in the central and northern parts of the country. The largest hearth is in the area of ​​the village of Pampilloz da Serra in the central part of the country. About 57 firefighters, 170 ground vehicles and three aircraft were sent there.

Another major fire occurred near Mortagua in Coimbra County. About 300 firefighters are involved in the fire. Alvayzeri employs 285 people. Three more centers were recorded in the north of the country in the cities of Braganca and Ribeira di Pena, as well as in the greasy point of Vila Nova di Paiva.

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