In Sochi, a five-point storm washed away the man in the sea

Last weekend, the rescue squad received a message that in the area of ​​the Red Assault from the Buna wave washed the man. Arriving rescuers eyewitnesses showed the place where it happened, but the victim was never found.

Employees of the JURPO surveyed the coastal strip for two kilometers in each direction. The excitement of the sea that day was 5 points, so it was impossible to conduct diving operations.

With the onset of darkness, the rescuers suspended the search. The data of the missing man is unknown, relatives in the rescue team have not been contacted so far.

At the weekend, Sochi rescuers had to also dismantle the damaged roof of the house. Part of the roof of the skyscraper on Matsestinskaya Street was torn off by a strong gust of wind and hung right above the entrance to the entrance. One of the residents told about it to the rescuers. The dismantled roof was dismantled using climbing equipment and chainsaws.

The remaining sheets of corrugated board were reinforced with ropes. Work on cleaning emergency areas of the roof will continue. Rescuers ask residents of nearby houses to be attentive and cautious in the place of work, the press service of the YURPO EMERCOM of Russia.

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