In Spain there is a wave of abnormal heat

The first hot air this year will cover this week most of Spain. The temperature will rise significantly above normal on Wednesday and Thursday, with values near +35 °C in Madrid and +38 °C or higher from Seville to Cordoba. The climate normal high for this time of year in Madrid is around +25 °C, for Cordoba and Seville — about +30 °C.

Peak heat in the afternoon can result in dangerous conditions for those who are outdoors. It is recommended to drink plenty of water. A bit to escape the heat in coastal areas in the Eastern part of Spain, where it will be much cooler.

High temperatures with peaks of about +29 °C in Valencia are expected from Wednesday to Friday. Still further North, in Barcelona, the thermometer will show +24…+25 °C. the Storm will produce scattered showers in Northern Spain from Friday to Saturday and end the heat in these areas, for a short time by reducing heat throughout Central and southern Spain. Dry weather and late warmth will continue across Central and southern Spain before this weekend and early next week, before a significant cold snap in the middle of next week.

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