In St. Petersburg, the dam closes due to the threat of flooding

The gates of the Complex of Security Structures (GLC) in St. Petersburg (Russia) were closed due to unfavorable weather conditions and a possible rise in the water level, the management of the complex said.

“The Main Directorate of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia in St. Petersburg together with the directorate of the St. Petersburg Security Complex for Floods took an operative decision to close the protective gates.” At 22.00 on December 12, the gates of the Gulfs navigable and culverts blocked the access of water from the Gulf of Finland to the Neva River delta, – the report says.
The movement of ships along the Kronstadt ship’s fairway was temporarily stopped.

According to forecasts of weather forecasters, bad weather in Petersburg, in particular, wind strengthening, will be preserved during the night and the first half of the day on December 13. After the normalization of weather conditions, all protection mechanisms will be put in their original position.

“According to calculations, the opening time of the C-1 navigational facility is scheduled for 12.00 on December 13. The ships will enter the port of St. Petersburg,” the Directorate of the GLC informs, noting that the opening time may vary depending on the weather conditions.

The flood in St. Petersburg is fixed when the water level rises by 160 centimeters above the ordinary.

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