In Thailand the house was a meteorite

Yesterday, June 28, 2016 in Thailand was an unusual incident – 7.26 a.m. in the village of Phitsanulok, which is located in the Muang district in one of the houses, a loud roar.


As it turned out it was a meteorite pierced the roof of the building, then crashed into the wall, bounced off it and fell on the floor split in 5 parts. The owner of the house says:

“I was having Breakfast, when suddenly there was a loud rumbling and a crash and something fell behind me. I looked around and saw the stone split apart, and the ceiling hole.


People living in the neighborhood, also heard a strong roar. Additionally, the rumble in the sky heard in the surrounding areas of Nakhon Thai and Chat Trakan. Scientists have researched this heavenly guest and confirmed that this meteorite because it contains a lot of iron and responds to magnet.

Apparently this is only a small part of a larger stone meteorite exploded in the atmosphere over Thailand.

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