In the area of the volcano Brava in Cape Verde evacuate the population

On Tuesday, August 2, with a small island of Brava, in Cape Verde was evacuated about 300 people. Precautions are associated with increased activity of the volcano Brava and the high probability of eruption. On Tuesday morning, the coastal part of the island was rocked by a series of aftershocks, which caused no damage or injuries, but became the characteristic harbinger of volcanic activity.

Data from the National Institute of meteorology and Geophysics of Cape Verde demonstrate increasing seismicity Brava. The earthquake does not stop, therefore volcanologists expect awakening giant in the coming hours or days. The highest intensity of the tremors was recorded in the city of Cova da-Joanna, where in a matter of urgency and were taken by local residents.

Brava is one of the nine inhabited Islands of Cape Verde. According to official data, on its territory is home to about 6,000 people. The island is located in close proximity to the more dangerous of the volcano of Fogo, which is able to send a tsunami towards North America. The large stratovolcano of the same name occupies almost the entire territory Brava. In modern history at the top has not been a single eruption.

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