In the Atlantic Ocean the tropical storm “Nichole” was created

The new, 14th, tropical storm “Nichole” was created in the Atlantic Ocean. The maximum speed of wind in epicenter of a hurricane makes 80 km/h. The storm is in 840 km to the northeast of San Juan – the capitals of Puerto Rico, and moves with a speed of 13 km/h in the northwest direction. According to forecasts of meteorologists, in the next 48 hours considerable changes in the power of the natural phenomenon are not expected.

In a current cyclonic season which began on June 1 and will come to the end on November 30, 13 tropical storm from which five turned into hurricanes were already created: Alex, Earl, Gaston, Ermina and Mathew.

Now across the Caribbean Sea in the direction of Cuba the hurricane “Mathew” moves. Wind speed in epicenter reaches 220 km/h that corresponds to the fourth category of power on Saffira-Simpson’s scale. The cyclonic system presumably will reach the easternmost tip of Cuba at 16:00 or 17:00 local time (23:00 or 24:00 Moscow time).

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