In the Congo is raging Ebola virus

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (according to WHO), about 60 cases of Ebola disease have already been reported. 27 people died. In the country there is a campaign for vaccination against Ebola with an experimental drug. In total, DRC imported over seven and a half thousand doses of vaccine.

According to Peter Salama, WHO Deputy Director-General, in the epidemiological situation a turning point comes: “The next few weeks will show whether the outbreak will spread to other areas, or we will be able to keep it under control.”

The fact that the cases of the disease are noted not only in the remote regions of the DRC, where there are forests, but also in the city of Mbandaka with a population of 1.5 million people, is a worry. The attitude of people to the Ebola fever is another problem faced by physicians. In the same Mbandaka, most residents consider fever a sorcery and a curse. As a result, patients are hidden from doctors, or the patients themselves refuse treatment.

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