In the east of Canada can fall to half a meter of snow

On the eastern Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, a heavy snowfall struck, in some areas, up to 50 centimeters of snow can fall there.

While the impact of the disaster affected mainly residents of the southern part of Ontario. Snowfalls are accompanied by a decrease in air temperature: it is expected that in some places the thermometer bars can drop to minus 21 degrees Celsius.

Bad weather has seriously damaged the transport links in the region: only Pearson Airport in Toronto has already canceled more than 500 flights. In Ottawa and other cities in eastern Canada hundreds of flights have been canceled or delayed indefinitely.

Seriously complicated by the elements and the situation on the roads of the region, the police reported an increase in the number of road accidents. For example, in the province of Ontario, a massive accident occurred, as a result of which toxic substances leaked from the tank carrying the truck.

According to the latest data, as a result of leakage of toxic substances, no less than 19 people were injured. A total of about 30 cars hit the road accident, including up to 15 heavy trucks, one of which carried 14,000 liters of toxic materials. After the collision of the cars, most of them emerged from the tanks. Specialists in chemical protection came to the scene of the accident. Now traffic on the highway in the area of ​​leakage of toxic substance is closed in both directions.

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