In the Italian Tuscany, 600 hectares of forest are burning

On Monday evening, September 24, in the Italian region of Tuscany on the slopes of Mount Serra, a large forest fire broke out. By now, the fire area has reached 600 hectares.

On Tuesday, 700 people were evacuated from several settlements in the province of Pisa, located in the vicinity of the mountain. Three people were poisoned by products of burning, one of them required hospitalization.

Local authorities call residents to independent evacuation. In particular, the mayor of the settlement Kashina wrote on her Facebook page that people would take cars and go away from fires and smoke in which it is impossible to breathe.

180 fire brigades and 50 volunteers are involved in extinguishing the fire. On Tuesday two planes and four helicopters were brought up to the sky. Due to the strong wind, it was not possible to localize the ignition yet.

It is assumed that the fire broke out through the fault of the person.

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