In the Kaliningrad region beaches were covered with paraffin

From beaches near Zelenogradsk remove a white substance thrown out by the sea, similar to paraffin. This is reported on the site Zelenogradsk urban district.

On the emissions of matter from the village of Zaostrovie to Zelenogradsk, local residents complained to the district administration. According to the head of the Department for Civil Defense, Emergency Situations and Environmental Protection of the Eduard Kolkin District Administration, a manual cleaning of the coast is organized on the site from Zaostrovie to Zelenogradsk.

The administration of the district sent official appeals to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Kaliningrad region, to the Kaliningrad interdistrict environmental prosecutor’s office, to the territorial department of Rosprirodnadzor with a request to inspect, establish the causes of the release, and identify those responsible for the pollution of the beach and bring them to justice.

White matter appears on Kaliningrad beaches for the first time. So, in 2015 in the summer the Baltic coast was already covered with white clots. Similar emissions on the Baltic coast were recorded back in 2008. Then the lab workers determined that it was paraffin. All these years he was found not only here, but also in Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

Experts said that the substance is not dangerous. Probably, it gets to the sea from oil tankers.

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