In the South of Russia have become frequent cases of attack of Jackal on people

Authorities don 4 times increased the amount of compensation for the dead Jackal in the region. So, instead of 1 thousand hunters will receive 4 thousand roubles. This measure is related to the sixfold growth in the number of dangerous predator and the increasing incidence of attacks on people and Pets: in less than 4 years — with 183 individuals in 2012 increased to 1 121 individuals in 2016. This was announced by the Minister of natural resources and environment of the Rostov region Gennady urban.

According to him, “for a long time for dragons nobody was paying attention, the area is intensively exterminated the wolf.” Now the reward for an adult wolf produced is 5 thousand rubles, for an adult wolf male — 3 thousand roubles, cubs — 2 thousand rubles.

“To take the Jackal, according to hunters who have nothing to hide so-so, meat is not edible. And the cost of fuel and ammunition, it is desirable to recoup. To interest hunters, we proposed to increase the amount of compensation”, — he said.

He also added that the decrease in the number of jackals will reduce the number of attacks on humans and rabies diseases among domestic animals.

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