In the U.S. state of Texas build a huge bunker in case the Apocalypse

To build personal bunkers — quite fashionable in the United States (and not only) occupation. Many people are convinced that sometimes it’s better to be safe, so just in case, not only purchased from a shop buckwheat, canned food and kerosene, but a real dig bunkers in which something happen, you can safely wait out the cataclysm, man-made disaster or a zombie Apocalypse. Typically, these hoppers make a calculation for a family or two. If anything — every man for himself! But it’s boring. It’s much cooler to build a protected underground village, which has everything, including a large company of several thousand people.

In Texas is seriously considering the implementation of such ideas. About the plans a group of investors who plan to invest in is a difficult but ambitious and unusual undertaking. Really, why sit in a stuffy concrete hole, if you can live, be happy, and if anything, not leaving the house, to take and to endure almost any problem, whether it is a terrorist attack, an explosion at a chemical plant or something worse?


The project is called Trident Lakes, it plans to build near Dallas. The question price — 300 million U.S. dollars. Apartments will be 400, the price of each will obviously be more expensive than usual “kopeck piece” in the panel house, but it is understandable — they want to survive the explosion of a hydrogen bomb or an attack of chicken zombies — not so forked. Laughter laughter, and anything can happen. Better to be prepared, so almost all the buildings of the village will be underground and outside the area will decorate a couple of new lakes, Golf courses, a Park, a ranch with horses and other pleasant bonuses in the form dvenadtsatiminutke wall with towers for protection and automatic turrets, for example. Beauty!

To breathe the fresh air and the electricity is provided under the earth there will be private sources of drinking water, purification of water and air, plants and more. Oh, by the way, will be built and Bank vault the DNA of all residents.

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