In the United States and Cuba due to hurricane Matthew to evacuate 2 million people

2 million people were affected by the evacuation of Cuba and in the United States due to hurricane the fourth category Matthew, who previously forecasters called the most powerful in the last few years in this region. A hurricane with wind speeds to 230 km/h has already passed the Dominican Republic and Haiti, killing at least nine people. In the night of Wednesday element was covered with the Eastern extremity of Cuba, and on the weekend the impact of the strongest winds and storm waves will experience the American state of South Carolina.

Previously, Matthew was forced to spend in Cuba large-scale evacuation of local residents. From dangerous areas evacuated almost 900 thousand people. The evacuation was declared in the provinces of Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, holguín, Granma and Las Tunas. The first province which was hit by Matthew, has become Guantanamo. Strong winds struck the city of Baracoa, Maisi and Imias. The wind speed reaches 120 kilometers per hour, high waves flooded the embankments.

The first region of the USA that will feel the impact of the disaster, will be the Bahamas. The mainland coast of Florida the hurricane will reach on Thursday morning us time. According to current forecasts of meteorologists, it is expected that the eye of the vortex, where the wind speed is highest in this region will be over the sea.

And contact with the land expected on the territory of South Carolina. In this state, the evacuation will affect more than a million people. This happens due to the fact that the trajectory of the vortex can vary, and therefore decided to evacuate large coastal areas. The state’s Governor, Nikki Haley declared a state of emergency.

We decided that, starting tomorrow, we are evacuating all coastal areas, said Haley at a press conference.

It is expected that Matthew will reach the state on Saturday morning. By this time the speed it should come loose and forecasters predict up to 160 km/h.

The passage of Matthew for the Caribbean region brought destruction and casualties in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. According to official data, in these countries the victims of the hurricane were at least nine people.

In Haiti, the hurricane has damaged the highway and destroyed the main road bridge, resulting in the southern part of the island suffered most of all because of Matthew, has been isolated from the rest of the country.

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