In the United States continue to study the giant funnel which leaked millions of gallons of radioactive water

In August of this year, the factory Mosaic New Wales in mulberry located in the U.S. state of Florida, in the pond where they keep the radioactive water formed a giant karst collapse which flowed more than 800 million litres of water from the technical water.

In the moment is an investigation of the funnel, as well as the consequences of getting contaminated water into aquifers. According to experts, the size of the crater impressive 46 meters in width and 220 meters in depth.

Slightly radioactive water from the factory’s reservoir reached the aquifer, but measurements of water coming into homes, yet do not show contamination.

Now plans are under way to fill the funnel with concrete. It will take more than $ 50 million, and work is expected to start not earlier than Dec.

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