In the United States, large-scale evacuation of the population from coastal areas

President of the United States Donald Trump declared a state of emergency on the US Virgin Islands in connection with Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma has already reached the fifth, maximum category, it is called the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic at least for the last decade.

Florida Governor Rick Scott urged residents to be prepared to strike the devastating hurricane Irma. The governor stressed that the hurricane is very powerful, and all residents of the state should be prepared for the fact that they will have to be evacuated.

Also, Scott said that now the Florida authorities are engaged in bringing additional reserves of fuel to the state and distributing it to gas stations.

The Governor of the State of Georgia, Nathan Deel, ordered the mandatory evacuation of coastal areas of the state, including the city of Savannah, ahead of the hurricane Irma.

Authorities and residents of the US state of Florida are preparing for the moment when “Irma” reaches its shores. Florida Governor Rick Scott issued a decree on the mandatory evacuation of certain areas of the state and urged citizens, both on the east and the west coast of the peninsula on which Florida is located, to prepare for the impact of the elements.

Residents of Miami Beach (Florida) are urged to immediately evacuate to safe areas from the approaching hurricane Irma.

According to forecasts, the hurricane “Irma” in the next three days will pass over the southeast regions of the State of Florida. The maximum damage threatens the cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

The authorities of the Miami-Dade County in the US decided to evacuate residents of the coastal areas in connection with the approach of the hurricane “Irma”

“The decree on compulsory evacuation is valid for all mobile buildings, for all houses in zones A and B and partially for residents of zone C,” the report said.

The authorities also reported that the Miami International Airport is currently operational, but many flights are canceled due to the impending disaster.

US President Donald Trump introduced the state of emergency in connection with the approach of Hurricane Irma in another state – South Carolina.

Previously, Trump announced an emergency in Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Meteorologists suggest that the hurricane will move west towards Florida. Previously it was believed that it could possibly turn to the east.

“It has become more likely that Irma will fall to the south of Florida as a threateningly powerful hurricane, provoke a life-threatening storm and wind that will have consequences for most of the state,” the center said.

Before the southern regions of the state, it must reach Sunday morning, and in a day to cover the coastal areas of the state of Georgia.

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