In the US, lightning burned hundreds of exotic animals

A resident of Florida Blake Kaldirimoglu loved reptiles from his childhood and already at the age of 7 he knew that he would one day open a ranch where he would take care of them. In the implementation of the dream, he invested all the forces and resources, creating a result in the nursery Blake’s Reptile Ranch. It contained more than 300 exotic animals – turtles and fishes from different parts of the planet, from India to Italy. In addition to showing unusual species of fauna to tourists, Blake conducted environmental lessons for children, instilling in them a love for nature and its inhabitants.

On July 2, all this disappeared in 20 minutes: a wooden barn containing animals, after a lightning strike caught fire. The flame spread over the dry construction so quickly that the Kaldirimoglu family, having lunch at that time in the house, ran up to the already completely enclosed fire building. The firemen who arrived at the call could not do anything either.

According to preliminary calculations, the fire killed about 200 reptiles and 100 fish – and it’s only adults, fry and eggs in the sad statistics are not taken into account. Only a few animals survived to the very farthest corner. Blake is going to restore the burnt barn and his collection. He will take into account the opinion of firefighters who stated that the building should not be built from such inflammable materials. In addition, it must have a lightning rod.

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